Adolescent Therapy

In the last eight years in which I have been working with adolescents they have been some of my greatest teachers. A huge struggle for many adolescents is building their own self identity. This is primarily because they are in the developmental stage in which they find, create, and decide on who they want to be. This can be a huge and daunting task for any individual, not to mention one that might have outside stressors affecting them as well.

When we mix in divorce, school issues, or sibling conflict into the already stressed teen brain, we tend to get some kind of response. I have found that it can come out in behavioral issues, self harming behaviors, substance use, or unhealthy/destructive personal relationships. Giving teens a safe place to talk, with someone who will not judge them, tends to allow them a place where they open up freely. I consider myself a guide to support them along their own journey of who they want to become.